The top five reasons to care about your pet’s dental health!

We humans take our teeth very seriously! Despite the dreaded visits to the dentist, nothing beats a pearly white smile. The same goes for our furry friends! Maintaining good oral health in our pets goes far beyond healthy and strong teeth and gums. Poor dental health in pets can lead to serious health concerns in our pets, such as liver and kidney infections, heart disease and dental infections. A strong dental diet and regular dental checks will help your pet maintain a happy and healthy life.

Here are the top five reasons why you should care about keeping a healthy smile on your pet!

  1. Protect your pet from kidney and liver diseases: Kidney and liver infections in our pets often arise from poor dental health. Luckily, there are several steps you can take to keep our pets dental health up to scratch! Regularly brushing your pet’s teeth with a pet specific tooth brush and toothpaste helps prevent plaque build-up, tooth discoloration and rotting. However, do not use human toothpaste, as it is toxic to our pets!
  2. It helps your pet stay pain free: We all hate toothaches and our pets aren’t any different! While dogs and cats may be skilled at hiding pain, neglecting signs and symptoms of tooth pain can lead to serious health issues developing. Having a Vet perform regular checks in your pets’ mouth and keeping a look out for any discolouration or bad breath will helps keep your pet happy and pain free!
  3. Healthy gums = healthy pet! Giving your pet a strong dental diet that encourages chewing is vital for both their dental and overall health. Dental chews and rubber chew toys encourage chewing and helps dislodge plaque, which reduces the risk of serious dental diseases.
  4. A healthy heart and a happy pet! A healthy pet is a happy pet! You can help your pet maintain good dental health and a strong heart by feeding your pet high quality food that contains omega-3 fatty acid. These pet foods help to ensure your pet is receiving the right nutrients while also taking care of their dental health. Speak to your vet or vet nurse about the best diet for your pet during their next visit.
  5. A lower risk of serious health concerns. Many dental diseases that develop in pets travel through the bloodstream, which can damage our pets hearts, particularly the valves. If your pet is showing a lack of appetite, chewing on one side of their mouth or excessive drooling, it is important to see your vet for a blood test. Blood tests can reveal underlying health conditions and help monitor as well as treat any potential health issues.

If you have any concerns or questions on how to ensure your pet has strong oral health, call your clinic today and schedule a dental appointment. You can discuss ways to help keep your pet healthy and happy, with their best paw forward.

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